These limited edition prints will be offered in four different sizes: S, M, L & XL.

The prints have been sized specifically to fit with common and readily available framing sizes, making it possible to purchase a frame directly from your local furniture or design store.

Custom framing is highly recommended for the Extra Large prints. There is no printed border, therefore the frame needs to fit perfectly and special care is needed to bring the print to life.



Perfect for your computer desk, office space, counter top or even your bathroom.

Image Size (for Mat Window):
12" x 8"

Total Print Size (including 0.2" border):
12.4" x 8.4"

Frame:  Choose frame with mat option and mat opening of 12" x 8".



A great size to put in collections of 2 or 3 images in a hallway, living room or bedroom.

Image Size (for Mat Window):
24" x 16"

Total Print Size (including 0.3" border):
24.6" x 16.6"

Frame:  Choose frame with mat option and mat opening of 24" x 16".


This print will become a distinct feature in your bedroom, office, dining room or above a fireplace!

Image Size (for Mat Window):
36" x 24"

Total Print Size (including 0.5" border):
37" x 25"

Frame:  Choose frame with mat option and mat opening of 37" x 25".



This massive and incredibly high quality print will become the showstopper and talking point of your space, sure to make a statement in any home or office.  Best for large open spaces with large negative space on a wall.  As these prints sell, the prices will go up accordingly.  Super exciting to see these in homes!

Image Size (for Mat Window):
60" x 40"

Total Print Size (no border):
60" x 40"

Frame:  Choose larger frame with mat option and mat opening of 60" x 40" or no mat option.  Custom frames are a great choice for this size of artwork.


Please note that frames are not available to order through Kristopher Andres Photography. The prints will be sent either in specialized mailing tubes or in crush-proof packaging. See the FAQ for more information on shipping.