The very first series of prints ever released by Kristopher Andres; this 22-piece collection showcases his best and favourite works captured and created over the last couple years.  Our hope is that these images can make a powerful statement in your home, bringing you elements of wonder, imagination and the wholehearted feeling of adventure!

Thank you for viewing - it is of the greatest honour to share these stories with you through these limited edition fine art prints.

About Kristopher

Adventure is my north star. 

Whether I’m experiencing the aurora in Greenland, icebergs in Antarctica, sand dunes of Mongolia, the delta of Africa, or the alpine lakes in my home mountains of the Canadian Rockies, I am always in search of the untold adventure... And my camera is how I endeavour to bring these adventures to you.

My hope is that my images will ignite a passion to seek the horizon, to embrace the untamed outdoors, and to live in awe of this wild, beautiful world.